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Construction in Europe is probably at its lowest eb since the great depression in the 1920's. Areas of Spain have been particularly badly hit with whole developments completely deserted. 
However there are still some construction jobs abroad available in Europe. In order to find careers many European citizens will be compelled to move to other more buyont economies such as the UK and Germany.

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The key for young people is to become more creative and not rely on anyone else to create your future.


Don't get down on things what you cannot control but stay positive and focus on constructive things you can do to improve the situation. 

Europe now seems to be climbing out of recession after a long period of reduced activity and hardship for many people.


However there have been many positive signs recently in France and Germany with construction careers shows signs of improvement due to the apprenticships programmes and investment.


This will hopefully help improve the conditions in the South European countries such as Greece, Spain and Italy.

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